High resolution tattoos and Maori tatoo flash designs


I finished a few new shoulder tatoo designs yesterday, so I wanted to show you the finished pieces.
The first one is a shoulder design for a customer from Colombia. I had to adjust it multiple times before the customer was satisfied, but I finally had his approval and traced the pencil sketch with a fibre tip marker.
Here's one of the sketches and the completed high resolution tattoo design:

Shoulder tattoo mauri styletattoo flash design in mauri style

The second design is a Maori style shoulder tattoo, with some nice flowing curves, ferns and koru.
This tatoo has some nice fills, not too dense, a bit like the Robbie Williams tattoo.
Also again the first sketch and the high resolution final tattoo:

maori upper arm tattoo sketch in high resolutionyoutube maori tattoo shoulder design hand drawn

I made a video/tutorial on how I created this tatou design. You can see me tracing the image with a black marker. The youtube movie is on the righthand side of this article.

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Kind regards, Mark Storm