Maori inspired shoulder tattoo piece


Here's another shoulder tattoo piece inspired by the Kirituhi / Maori style. This custom tatoo design is for the upper shoulder and top of the shoulderblade.
It has nice complex lines and fills:

shoulder upper maori tattoo design linesshoulder mauri tatou designs custom pieces pictures

The final design looks like this:

flash tatoo for sale high resolution images

Regards, Mark

Kirituhi forearm tattoo design


Here's a forearm tattoo design in Kirituhi style, it's a custom design for a customer from the USA.
He wanted an original Maori piece on his left forearm and a Kirituhi design on his other forearm.
The size of this tattoo sketch is 25 cm long and approx. 12 cm wide, narrowing down to 6 cm at the wrist.

First I started to draw the outline of the design and began filling the shape with flowing lines, koru curves and sharp edges.

I sent it to the customer to check if I was heading in the right direction. He really liked the first preview, so I could start on the fill with some tribal patterns.

Here are two pictures of the sketch, the outlines, the total sketch and finally the completed design.

forearm maori tattoo design kirituhi imageshigh resolution tattoo tribal picturesmaori tattoo flash arm forearm designs flash

Kind regards, Mark Storm

maori inspired ribcage tattoo sketch


After some busy weeks, doing multiple custom tattoo designs, I would like to show you some sketches of my latest works.
I created a Kirituhi design for the side of the body, on the ribcage.
My client asked me to combine some maori inspired style elements, with the initials of his nephews.

I'm not really fond of doing tattoos with lettering, but this one wasn't that hard.

Here are a few photographs of the design in progress.
In the first images the balance was too much focussed on the upper part of the tattoo design, so I redesigned it.

maori kirituhi ribcage tattoo stomach imagesribcage tattoos maori style design tribalhigh resolution ribcage tattoos tribal style

Finally here's a photo of the finished tattoo on the side of the body:

ribcage tattoo photo design side of the stomach

In a few days I will post another tattoo design, this time it's a forearm design in Kirituhi style.

Kind regards, Mark Storm