Maori inspired shoulder tattoo piece


Here's another shoulder tattoo piece inspired by the Kirituhi / Maori style. This custom tatoo design is for the upper shoulder and top of the shoulderblade.
It has nice complex lines and fills:

shoulder upper maori tattoo design linesshoulder mauri tatou designs custom pieces pictures

The final design looks like this:

flash tatoo for sale high resolution images

Regards, Mark

Kirituhi forearm tattoo design


Here's a forearm tattoo design in Kirituhi style, it's a custom design for a customer from the USA.
He wanted an original Maori piece on his left forearm and a Kirituhi design on his other forearm.
The size of this tattoo sketch is 25 cm long and approx. 12 cm wide, narrowing down to 6 cm at the wrist.

First I started to draw the outline of the design and began filling the shape with flowing lines, koru curves and sharp edges.

I sent it to the customer to check if I was heading in the right direction. He really liked the first preview, so I could start on the fill with some tribal patterns.

Here are two pictures of the sketch, the outlines, the total sketch and finally the completed design.

forearm maori tattoo design kirituhi imageshigh resolution tattoo tribal picturesmaori tattoo flash arm forearm designs flash

Kind regards, Mark Storm

maori inspired ribcage tattoo sketch


After some busy weeks, doing multiple custom tattoo designs, I would like to show you some sketches of my latest works.
I created a Kirituhi design for the side of the body, on the ribcage.
My client asked me to combine some maori inspired style elements, with the initials of his nephews.

I'm not really fond of doing tattoos with lettering, but this one wasn't that hard.

Here are a few photographs of the design in progress.
In the first images the balance was too much focussed on the upper part of the tattoo design, so I redesigned it.

maori kirituhi ribcage tattoo stomach imagesribcage tattoos maori style design tribalhigh resolution ribcage tattoos tribal style

Finally here's a photo of the finished tattoo on the side of the body:

ribcage tattoo photo design side of the stomach

In a few days I will post another tattoo design, this time it's a forearm design in Kirituhi style.

Kind regards, Mark Storm

Dj tattoo in polynesian style finished

Hi there,

I finished the tattoo for the Dutch DJ, incorporating the turtle motive and a stylized turntable.

dj tattoo design polynesian style spearheads tatauRegards, Mark

photo shoulder tattoo 143


I received a really nice photo from one of my customers. A few months ago he ordered shoulder tattoo 143 from my gallery and here's the finished piece:

His tattoo artist extended the design, to make it fit his arm.

shoulder tattoo 143 polynesian styleshoulder tattoo 143 high resolution design for sale

I'm working on a few custom designs, so I will get back soon with new sketches and finished tattoo designs

Regards, Mark

shoulder sketch tattoo DJ music


Yesterday I finished the pencil sketch for a Dutch DJ. I incorporated a stylized turntable at the top of the tattoo in a mixed tribal style.
It also shows some turtle elements, spearheads and some koru shapes.
Here's the photo of the completed sketch:

shoulder turtle dj tattoo design in tribal polynesian style

Kind regards, Mark Storm

Polynesian style shoulder tattoo


At the moment, I'm working on a shoulder tattoo design for a Dutch customer.
He wanted a Polynesian style tattoo, with some elements like turtle shells and stars.
Additionally he wanted to incorporate some kind of element, representing him being a DJ.

So here are the first few pictures:

polynesian turtle tattoo design shellspolynesian tatou design turtle shell

I'll get back soon with an update.


New tattoo design added to storm3d gallery


In my previous post I showed some sketches of an upper back tattoo.
I have just finished the first sketch and added it to my maori gallery on my website:

upper back sketch tattoos for salenew maori designs sketches images

It is nr. Maori 117

Simply click the images to order this design.


Sketches spine tattoo design tribal style


It has been a while since I posted my latest sketches, but here are a few of my new designs.
A customer from the UK asked me to do a small tattoo, Kiri tuhi style for the spine, just between the shoulder blades.

I came up with this sketch:

upper back tattoo spine maori style

Unfortunately I made the tattoo too wide, so I had to start a new sketch
(I finished this design for my own gallery, you can find it here, it's "Maori 117")

It was not exactly what she was looking for, she wanted it to be a bit less bulky and a bit more feminin.

spine tattoo maori fern tatou images

The rough size is 15 cm high and 20 cm wide for the first sketch.
The second tatou is 15 cm high and 9 cm wide.

The final sketch looked like this and the high resolution tattoo is also shown.

maori spine tattoos designer imageshigh resolution maori flash designs
Kind regards, Mark Storm

Finished Kirituhi tribal style tattoo designs


I just finished two nice tattoo designs in a Kirituhi style mixed with some other tribal elements.
The first one is a forearm tatoo design, which has some flames at the wrist in a negative space.
The other elements had to be sharp and my customer wanted some curles in it.
Here's the final tat2 design:

forearm tribal flames tattoo polynesian design

The second design is for the elbow in a Kirituhi-style with some "storm3d" flow to it.
It's a seamless piece, so the tattoo will wrap around without any visible edges.

elbow tribal tattoo kirituhi style images designs

Will be back in a day or two with a backpiece and some other projects, so check back soon!

Kind regards, Mark Storm

tribal tattoo flames lower arm design


Here's another new design I'm working on this week. It's a lower arm tattoo piece, for a German customer. The tatoo is placed on the outside of the lower arm and wraps around to the inside a little. It had to look like a warrior armlet, with some symbols of fire, triangular shapes and flowing kirituhi curles.
The first three pictures of the design in progress:

tribal flames tattoo arm design sketchesflames tattoo for the lower arm tribal style

fire tattoo flaming designs tribal maori tattoo

Any comments on this design? Just let me know!

Kind regards, Mark

Elbow tattoo design in mixed tribal style


It has been a while since I posted my last sketches and updates, but here is a new tattoo project that I started yesterday.
One of my customers asked me to do an elbow tattoo, similar to the one Cesc Fabregas has.
He only wanted to have it in a mixed tribal style like some of my images on my website.

Here are the first pictures of this design in progress:

tattoo sketches tribal style to printtribal tattoo sketches images storm3d

printable tattoo arm elbow designs tribalThe design has to be seamless, so I need to do some work on both sides to complete the sketch.

I e-mailed these pictures to my client, so I will get back soon with an update.

Kind regards, Mark Storm

Storm3d featured in tattoo magazine "Tattoo Planet"


Yesterday my brother visited me with a copy of the Dutch tattoo magazine "Tattoo Planet".
In the past some of my drawings were published when I contacted them, that was a really nice surprise.
But in the latest magazine, my website was reviewed and had some really positive comments. I didn't know that they were going to publish it, so this is really great.

Here's the article:

review high resolution website tattoo planet

The text translated in English:

"This is the website of Mark Storm, a Dutch tattoo designer, specialized in Maori tattoos and other tribals. All of his tattoo images are scanned and offered on his website in A3 size. You can print the design and take it to your tatoo shop as an example.
The designs on this website vary from shoulder and arm pieces to backpieces. The total amount of designs is 114 drawings, but if you cannot find a perfect one, you can contact Mark Storm for a custom designs, as long as it is not a cover-up or extension .
He likes to do his own style and doesn't want to be interfered by other pieces.

The drawings are impressive and in high quality posted on his website. This site is really recommended!

Kind regards, Mark Storm

Tribal forearm tattoo tutorial video on youtube


It has been really nice job to do some filming and editing for my latest design "tutorial"
First I had to set up my new camera (Panasonic HDC-SD9) which records in Full HD quality ;) on a sd-card.
I recorded several scenes and edited it in Windowns Movie maker, I'm not a pro on editing, so I used this simple tool to add some titles and credits. Then uploaded it to youtube and Voila! here it is!

In this video to show you how I create and uptimized my designs. This time it's a forearm sketch in tribal style, which I'm tracing in the first video, I posted the sketches yesterday, so you can find it in my previous posting. In the second one you see how I scan the design, uptimize it and make a high resolution linedrawing in Photoshop CS3.

I received the following e-mail from my customer when he got the high resolution design:


"Hi Mark,

Thanks for completing, I love it :)

Can't wait to get it done and will definitely send you some photos once complete.

As some feedback I would like to say that you have provided a very professional, simple and friendly service.
Excellent communication with your client and a great turnaround time from start to finish. I am recommending your designs and great customer service to friends and I will be checking in to your blog for your new designs for a future tattoo.

(Please feel free to use this quote, online or elsewhere)

Many thanks,

Rich Wallace."


Here's the final result in low resolution.

tribal forearm tattoo design storm3d maori

Any questions? Just let me know.

Regards, Mark Storm

forearm tattoo design in Kirituhi tribal style


Just a nice project today, really enjoying these kind of designs. This one is a mixture of tribal styles and a bit of my own "storm3d-style" ;)

maori forearm tribal tattoo designforearm tribal maori tattoo designThis tatoo sketch is inspired by another custom design I did. You can find that shoulder tattoo design here.

The total height is 22 cm x 8 to 10 cm in width. It's for the inside of the lower arm.

My client wanted some strong traditional triangle patterns, and flowing lines to balance out the tat2.

Just let me know what you think!

Regards, Mark

Printable shoulder tattoo designs in Maori Kiri tuhi style


In my webshop I sell high resolution printable tattoo designs.
Once a tattoo image is ordered, I send a high res image to the customer and he/she can print it or send it to his/her tattoo artist. All designs are scanned at 300 dpi resolution and can be scaled to any size you wish.

The tatoos I make are all handdrawn on A3 size printing paper. I start with a rough outline of the design with a pencil and add some Kirituhi ferns and shapes. Along the process the patterns are added, lines, triangles, dots, and so on.

When the pencil design is completed, I trace the tatoo with a black fibre tip marker and erase all pencil lines. The drawing is scanned in high resolution and optimized, erasing dust, little smudges etc.

I wanted to highlight one of the tatoos from my portfolio, so you can see how a full size design looks. The design is nr 140 in my shoulder gallery. The highlighted area is also shown at 100% (click the image for real-size) and you see the linedrawing.

high resolution tribal tattoo designs to print

printable high res maori tatoo imagesmaori tattoo linedrawing high resolution image

(If you wish to get this particular design, you can order here and pay with your Paypal account or your creditcard.)

I will be working on an extension for shoulder tattoo 143 and maybe a nice forearm tattoo design, so just get back soon.

Regards, Mark Storm

Large shoulder and chest tatoo design finished

Hi there,

I finished this drawing a few days ago, before I started on my Fabregas elbow tatoo.
It was my first tattoo sketch this large, including a shoulder AND chest piece in one.

Here's a picture of the high resolution custom tatou design:

chest tattoo shoulder piece in maori style

Comments, questions or other stuff? let me know!

Regards, Mark

Sketch update shoulder/chest tattoo design


A small update on the shoulder and chest tattoo design I'm working on right now. I changed the fill of some shapes to make it look a little less traditional maori style.

free tattoo designs chest and shoulder

Get back to you when I receive a message from my client.

Regards, Mark

Kirituhi shoulder and chest tattoo drawing


I promised to tell you something about one of my latest tattoo projects, so here it is.

Normally my main part of designs consists of shoulder pieces, but for this design a customer
asked me to do a shoulder AND chest piece in one.

It's really tricky to get it all on a flat sheet of paper, so I needed some sort of body template.
The tattoo only covered the outer side of the left arm (from shoulder to elbow) and the left pectoral muscle.
My customer used a sheet of tracing paper and simple traced the shape of his body. The total template looked like this:

shoulder chest tattoo template design

The design had to be maori style and have some nice flowing curles/koru. First I drew the outlines of the maori shapes:

maori style tattoo drawings

Then I filled the shapes with some traditional lines, triangles and other tribal design stuff.

sketch maori tatoo designs

I take pictures of the design with my Canon EOS 400D and send these photos to the customer. It's a lot quicker than scanning it, because it is on A3 size paper.
The final design is ofcourse scanned in high resolution.

Here are a few shots of the tattoo sketch in progress.

photos maori designs and sketchespictures maori kirituhi tattoos

I just received a comment from the customer, that he wants the fills a bit more intricate, instead of the traditional tattoo lines.

So I'll get back to you soon with an adjusted tattoo design.

Kind regards, Mark

quick update tattoo designs in progress


I haven't posted any new sketches and tattoo designs for a few days. Really busy with all kinds of stuff, but I'm working on a new shoulder/chest piece this week.

Hopefully I can show you the first sketch in a few days.

Till then!

Kind regards, Mark

Maori-inspired and flowers shoulder tattoo designs


The first few months of my blog, it had around 100 to 200 unique visitors a day.
But in the last few weeks it's slowly raised to 450 people each day, so I will keep on posting and show you the tattoo projects I'm working on.

For a new customer I designed a Maori shoulder piece with some flowers scattered on the design.
The design is based on a custom tattoo I did earlier.

It's symmetrical in the lower part of the tatoo and the shoulder part is roundish with a nice curl or koru.

maori shoulder tattoo with cherry blossom flowersMaori tatou sketch with blossom flowers

Once the design is traced and uptimized I export it in high resolution and make a linedrawing, so the customer can take this to his tattoo artist and apply it on his skin.

Comments please! :)

Regards, Mark

High resolution tattoos and Maori tatoo flash designs


I finished a few new shoulder tatoo designs yesterday, so I wanted to show you the finished pieces.
The first one is a shoulder design for a customer from Colombia. I had to adjust it multiple times before the customer was satisfied, but I finally had his approval and traced the pencil sketch with a fibre tip marker.
Here's one of the sketches and the completed high resolution tattoo design:

Shoulder tattoo mauri styletattoo flash design in mauri style

The second design is a Maori style shoulder tattoo, with some nice flowing curves, ferns and koru.
This tatoo has some nice fills, not too dense, a bit like the Robbie Williams tattoo.
Also again the first sketch and the high resolution final tattoo:

maori upper arm tattoo sketch in high resolutionyoutube maori tattoo shoulder design hand drawn

I made a video/tutorial on how I created this tatou design. You can see me tracing the image with a black marker. The youtube movie is on the righthand side of this article.

For information or comments, please e-mail me or put a comment on this article.

Kind regards, Mark Storm