MADE IN BRITAIN exhibition

Next friday the 10th of september LONDON MILES GALLERY will present MADE IN BRITAIN exhibition opening its door to everybody! And one of my latest painting will be there!!!
So guys, check the gallery out, it's amazing!

thats one of the reason for slacking on the uploads and also a sort of physical rejection to the internet and the whole networking thing had a major part on my absence!!!
some should come soon!

Triskele tattoo with orbs

Hm, I rather like the "orb" thingies. And I lacked inspiration, so tadaaa, a triskel tattoo design again.
triskele design

Lady with Heart

Veiled Gypsy



Owl and Snake

Organ Grinder Monkey

Native American Girl

Wolf on Foot

Tiger Shark



Skull and Roses on Chest

Skull Rose


Skull Lady



Sewing Machine

Gypsy with Rose


Owl Head

Lady with Snake

Wolf on Neck


Bearded Lady

Coffin Woman

Ornamental with wings

Tattoo design of a kind of ornamental jewel with orbs and wings...
ornamental tattoo design

On a side note (and completely unrelated), I like that idea : Journalism warning labels. Sometimes I wish I could stick those on some newspaper articles, before they're on sale.

Samoan Maori mixed tattoo for the shoulder


In my holiday I designed a new shoulder piece, with a mix of Samoan and Maori/Kirituhi inspired elements.

The top of the tattoo has some nice Samoan arrowhead patterns and other detailed elements.
I made a shading for this piece, which I normally don't, but I guess it looks good on this tatoo design.

I used some really simple Maori koru pattern, to complement the detailed Samoan-style.

This design is not a custom design, so you can order it on my website (nr. 147 in the Shoulder gallery), or right now by clicking the "Buy now" button. You will receive a high resolution image + a linedrawing/stencil for your tattoo artist.

Samoan maori tattoo designs mixed

Best regards, Mark Storm

New tattoo designs added to


A few months ago I started working on a new set of tattoo designs. At this moment I created 6 new designs and updated my galleries on

The first design is for the lower leg, placed on the shin and the sides will wrap around the calf.
The second design can also be used for the calf or shin, but it would look good on the forearm/shoulder as well.

The three designs below are designed for the forearm.

Click the images to enter the tattoo gallery:

maori lower leg tattoosmaori shin tattoos

maori forearm feathers tattoo designkirituhi forearm tribal tattoorealistic feathers in maori tattoo

And here is one new shoulder tattoo design:

Any questions? Just let me know,

Kind regards, Mark Storm

Violet Leopard Butterfly & tribal

Pink/violet butterfly with a leopard pattern.
violet butterfly design
And a simple symetrical tribal tattoo...
symetrical tribal

Creative Commons License

The funny thing is that I though I had a quite original idea doing this, but... for one, leopard butterflies do exist in reality (but not in violet, see Phalanta phalantha), and also, several persons already did that kind of butterfly with a big cat pattern (for example this one looks pretty nice).
So much for my "original" idea, heh :p

Samoan inspired tattoo sleeve


Here's another project, a Samoan inspired design for the upper arm and shoulder.
One of my customers wanted a Samoan-style tattoo, so only the fills and lines and no further meanings in it. He wanted it to be very detailed and symmetrical.

My progressing sketches looked like this:

And finally the end result:

Ps. I'm working on an update of my website galleries, to add the latest designs to the galleries. There will be around 7 new tattoos available, one in a mixed maori/samoan style and 5 or 6 in a Maori inspired style with some nice realistic detailed feathers.

I'll let you know when it's ready and where you can find these images.

Kind regards, Mark Storm