Girls Love Eastpak day

Few weeks ago i took part at a very nice event called Girls Love Eastpack at the Eastpak Shop in Carnaby was a beautiful sunny day and i had loads of fun with some old friends and make some new ones....It was an all female event and all the ladies were absolutely top girls i must say! Great graff artists, breakdancers singers and DJ's........I didn't know we ended up on the Molotow website! heres the link to it......some nice pics from the day...have a look cause there will be more event of this kind coming up this summer!!

Pearls corset

Hm, it looked better in my mind than it looks on paper, and it looked better on paper than on this scan. (That damned scanner sees light-grey as white, so the shadows etc. turn *very* grainy. Grrr).
So well, just an idea with a piercing corset design, but with pearls instead of ribbons.
pearl corset

I guess I made the rings too small, they turned out almost impossible to shade correctly. Grrrmblf. Not satisfied.

Little doll

heres a little russian doll i tattooed in a sort of wierd position on the forearm to match a tattoo on the same position on the other was fun!

Octopus tentacles cupcake

Ugh, tentacles are a pain to draw/color :)
Octopus cupcake / tentacles cupcake tattoo design

So, just a weird idea, with octopus tentacles instead of cream swirl on a cupcake. Not even sure I drew them correctly, but heh, I still have the feeling I'm improving.
Anyway, the "tattoo design" thing is a pretty good (or bad?) excuse not to draw backgrounds :p

Oh, and if you play with the colors, you can get a creepy green-tentacles-and-violet-cup thing. That makes it look like Cthulhu is coming out of that the cake.

Maori lower leg tattoo


It has been a long time since my last post, due to some health problems and some other projects.
I have been working on a lower leg tattoo, in a Maori-inspired style. It wraps around the calf and makes a seamless fit at the back of the leg.

Here is a sketch and the final result:

maori lower leg tattoo calfhigh resolution lower leg tattoos

Kind regards, Mark Storm

Ps. I also created a powerkite with a tribal tattoo design on it:


I finally came back from Italy and back to work again.....i had a great time with the guys at Indastria, super nice welcoming funny people...i've done looooots of tattoos and i really enjoyed....heres a new bunch of pics!!
I hope to find the time and will to be more regular on my posts, it's just a bit hard with all the things i have to do!!
I apologize guys! ;)