Ornamental tattoos and flowers

A white rose and a small... I-don't-know-what flower with ornamental curves.
Should I have added some colors to those?
white rose tattoo
small flower tattoo

On a side note, these ads with lego figs made me laught :)

Some more tribal designs

Two small tribal tattoo designs. The one with grey parts looks fine too with those parts in red - but I didn't feel like uploading 2 version for such a small change, sorry.

Swirly tattoo design (again)

Swirly plant tattoo design. It somehow makes me think of seaweeds.
ornamental tattoo design

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Space pinup

Ultra-shiny space pinup. PEW-PEW.

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Obviously, high-heels are a total must-have on a spacesuit. Yes.
And drawing shiny materials is fun ... maybe too fun?, now it looks like she was dropped in an oil bath. 
I did this without references, this is a bad idea actually, especially since I'm not used to drawing characters at all. But it was much funnier that way, =p.
The pistol/ray-gun/whatever annoys me. I wanted to do one a little bit like on the Foo-Fighters 1st album cover, but at that size, it didn't look very good, so I went for something more squarish.

Coloured pencils + a bit of ink, and the shadow under her and the reflection on the helmet are CG.

out and about

well, i havent upload nothing in the last month cause i have been travelling quite a bit and spent little time in london....i was in italy, london and amsterdam all in one week.....pretty crazy and way too much time in airports i tell ya!!! but all for a very good cause...bit of working, bit of holiday and especially, having the chance to take part to a super nice exibition in Italy organized by the bad ass INFART COLLECTIVE at the ORTOBOTANIX.
the name of the exibition is PIEL. check it out, its pretty good!!!
the one above is the one i have at the exibition....

i was completly blown away by this painting by stefano zattera....so beautiful....propa.

here's one by KOES, love this guy....he is so damned nice and always make me laugh!!!