Playing with some kraft paper and a white pencil.
snake design

I filled the outside of the design with a solid color only to make the filesize smaller, and to remove the kraft texture (thin vertical stripes, still visible on the snake) in order to give a better idea of how it may look on skin - I don't think skin with vertical stripes exists yet :)

Tribal bio?

No sure what to call this. A tribal bio/organic tattoo, I guess. I wish I could do the shading faster ^^.
organic tribal tattoo

Ornamental wings tattoo

Thin and decorative wings-like shape.
ornamental wings tattoo

For once something simple that I like :) 
I wonder if it would be better to include just one wing, in bigger size, and keep the 2 wings just for a preview.

Coffee inspired tattoo design

Not very satisfied with this design, smugding the strokes with a q-tip it wasn't a good idea, it made everything messy.
coffee cup