Final Robbie Williams maori style tattoo

Hi there,

I finished the Maori style tattoo design like the one of Robbie Williams.

The final result has only simple fills and not very solid shapes with complicated shadings:

Robbie Williams tattoo design maori for sale

In the week ahead, I will be working on some other custom tattoo designs and I will keep you updated with sketches and finished tattoo images

Robbie Williams Maori shoulder tattoo design


For the last couple of weeks I have been too busy too keep you updated on my designs and tattoo sketches.

This week I worked on a shoulder tattoo design, similar to the Robbie Williams maori tattoo.
I used the rough design, but altered it in my own style, so it is a bit smoother and has more fluent lines and curles.

The fill of the design is not very solid, I used lines, triangles and simple shapes to make it look light and easy.

Here are the first to sketches of this shoulder tatoo:

outline maori tattoo robbie williams flashmaori tattoo robbie williams buy for sale to print

I hope to trace it today, if my customer is satisfied with the total sketch.

Any comments? Just let me know.

Kind regards, Mark Storm

Tribal car sticker


To show you some other projects I'm working on, here's one of my tattoo designs that is transferred onto a car. The car is a Seat Ibiza for the people that are interested.

maori tribal car sticker design buy for saleThe transformation from a hand drawn tattoo design into a sticker cut out by a plotter took me one full day to do.

I really liked the result and love to hear your opinion on this alternative project.

Just let me know

Kind regards, Mark

Maori sleeve design


After a short break this weekend, I had multiple requests for custom tatoos. Some of it being very interesting and some less.
I picked the 3 best tattoo requests and started early this morning on one design.

It is a half/quarter sleeve in maori style, based on a custom design I have done earlier. You can find it on my custom page and look for "full sleeve maori tattooed".

The design was a bit smaller then the one on my gallery, around 20 cm wide and 23 cm high.

Here's the first basic outline of the tattoo and one with a little fill in it.

tattoo outline maori templatesmaori quarter sleeve design

The first design is a bit too straight on the borders, so I adjusted it to make it more playfull. My customer really loved the design and fill, so now I will finish the fill and finalize the maori design.
Will get back to you soon with an update on this design.

Regards, Mark

Maori-inspired armband tattoo + update shoulder design


As I promised yesterday, I am working on a Kirituhi armband tattoo. The size is roughly 8 cm wide and 28 cm long. This tattoo has to wrap seamless around the arm. Personally I really like symmetrical designs, so the here's the first sketch.

armband sketch maori style tats

I published some tattoo photo's a few days ago, some sketches for the shoulder of a Colombian customer.

He asked me to change the design a little, so here's another photo of the tattoo design.
Smaller pieces and a different kind of filling this time.
Hopefully I can show you the finished tatoo design in a few days.

sketch shoulder design tattoo image

I try to keep you updated every day, so please check back soon for some new designs.

Kind regards, Mark