BLOCK BUSTERZ @ Artoyz, Paris FR

The next big collective summer show at the ARTOYZ gallery&store in Paris next week. It's all about the "Blockbusters". Artworks will be themed about summer blockbuster movies from the last 35 years. Let's see which one will be a box-office hit!...

45 rue de l’arbre sec
75001 Paris

Opening on June 7th 2011 / 7pm

Bro Board Series / MOB Skateboards

Three new skateboard deck designs for my friends at MOB Skateboards.

Star & swirls

Nothing interesting today, the too hot weather makes me completely apathetic, and I couldn't even put my hand on a paper without leaving a sweat mark. So this is a very quick and simple scribble.

8bit Oldschool

Just came across this oldie from 2003 together with TheSigner and Burns124 in Munich. Still feeling it...

New T-Shirts

New t-shirts are out now!
Hamburg-St.Pauli's infamous Schmuddelkinder... in a Dead Kennedys style. For haters, supporters and fans. Only a few available.
Get them here at

Jupiter's Bonte Crunchy Brokken

... from the maximum 541.0g family box. Together with CHAS, NASH, DATER and TUMKI from Loveletters at the SKIFT festival in the Netherlands. Due to all the trees in front of the wall it was impossible to shot a proper photo collage.... anyway — still space trippin'! Salute rockets for REVOK! Back free!

Zigeuners Royal in the Netherlands

Just back from our weekend trip to Holland for the SKRIFT festival in Leeuwarden. We had a bang good time there! Zigeuners Royal Süper La Classe! Thanx to everybody - specially Ron & Roy for making this great! Also big ups for the infamous Netherland's haute cuisine... lekker! And Diplo's new mix on the speakers. More photos of the wall we made together with the Loveletters crew soon....

MDWWR #67 Diplo's Moombahton 2k11 Mix by diplomaddecent

Little skull

Grrrh, those horns are wonky, how could I not realize it when drawing? =_=


New Graffiti Magazines

A few new graffiti magazines from Germany are out now!

Graffiti Magazine / no.16
Stylefile Magazine / no.35 Royalfile
Bad Taste Magazine / no.09 Spring 2011
Most Wanted Magazine / Final Issue

Good reads while sitting down and giving Carol Brown a bus ride out of town...