owl and hawk for my 30th

It was my 30th birthday so my lovely boyfriend took me for a super nice weekend in the middle of the country side and we had a bit of raptor encounter....it was amazing...i wanted to do falconery for soooo long and finally i had it!!! hawks are beautiful and clever and fun to watch...owls are thick as fuck apparently, and they sleep all the time...not too much fun, but pretty!!i wanted to take all the birds at home apart for the eagle.....soooo big it could have eaten a child in one go, and thinking about it now, it would have been useful to get rid of some of those skanky Cally kids...but never mind!
thats it...i want a hawk.

Celtic circle - Irish shamrock?

A shamrock, Based on the same pattern as the previous celtic armband tattoo design.
Celtic knotwork shamrock

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Actually, the shamrock shape wasn't even planed, it just came out this way. At first I thought it looked like hearts, but I'm a bit tired of hearts right now, so the green shamrock shape seemed a better option.
While drawing this I couldn't help but think "it's be easier with vector on the computer", but damn, I want to train with *pencils*, and I'll do. :p

its all about birds.....and some more london-ness

here's a couple of tattoos i did recently....st.paul's cathedral and a crow and compass flowers...it was fun!some more to come soon....wish u all a good week end...i'm off to the country side to make some birds fly.....bit of falconry and medieval looking castles!!

Celtic armband

Darn, I should try to update more!
Here's a little bit of Celtic (?) knotwork, a band with a repeatable pattern.
Celtic armband tattoo design

From Painting to Tattoo....

I finally finished this piece on lovely Alaina, she liked one of my painting and with some adjustments and changes here's what came out.....

Tattoo for ankle and lower leg


It has been a while since my last post, but here's one of my latest designs.
A tattoo for the lower leg, from ankle up to calf and knee:

tribal lower leg tattoos maorimaori lower leg tribal surf tattoos

The customer wanted some surf elements like waves, shark theeth and stars in the tattoo. It's a symmetrical piece with some flowing curves. Here's the high resolution tattoo drawing:

surf tattoos for the lower leg calf and ankleI will be back soon with some new sketches.

Kind regards, Mark Storm