Vampire Bats On Wood

Handpainted series of 4 on wooden boxes. Size 28x28x6cm. Available at La Grille Online Store.

Plumeria flowers and waves

I love the stylized waves seen in japanese style tattoos, so I tried to reproduce them. With plumeria / frangipani flowers, because I like these flowers ;)

Plumeria flowers tattoo

2011-02-26: And a derivate version with, in my opinion, eye-hurting colors, that does not at least give a link to the original. Sigh, I'm kinda used to it. 
2011-10-24:  funny

Fortress Cycling Teams

A original series on canvas made for the "Endgegner" show at the La Grille Gallery. All sold but they still have a little few other things for sale.


A kind of tribalish symmetrical star tattoo, and a sewn one - not sure about the polka dots...
Actually, this was a "no inspiration" day. :(
Star tattoo, symmetrical

Sewn star design

Polynesian shoulder tattoo design photo

polynesian shoulder tattoo 143 tribal photos pictures sleeveHi,

A few weeks ago I sold one of my tattoo designs, shoulder tattoo 143 to a customer. Recently I received a great picture of the finished design. It's a Polynesian shoulder sleeve, with tribal elements like turtle shells, shark teeth and a mask.
It also has some Koru Kiri tuhi shapes. This particular tattoo is done really crisp, nice tight lines and flowing curves.

In the picture you see the flash design next to the finished tatoo

Kind regards, Mark Storm

Lightbox caption with paypal button


On my homepage at I have 9 thumbnails of my latest sketches and finished designs.
Until recently I simply linked these images to my other blog on which I also sell my designs,
I discovered a simple script, Lightbox, which is used to overlay images on a webpage, and implemented it to display my canvas prints.
No problem thus far...

Recently I visited a website that also had the Lightbox script, but also included a Paypal button in the caption, so visitors could easily buy the print/photo with a simply click.
It would be really nice to have such an option on my site as well.

It seemed quite easy to make a new button in my Paypal account and copy the html-code in the lightbox "title" code.
Unfortunately it wasn't that easy...
After a few hours of trial and error I discovered this webpage.
I downloaded an adjusted "lightbox.js" file and copied it to my server.
Then I changed the "title" tag in a "caption" tag and voila!

Here's a picture of the result on my homepage:

tattoo flash designs for sale in tribal styles

Kind regards, Mark Storm
Photos courtesy of JustTakingPictures

Photo of a tattooed tribal design


Every now and then I receive pictures of people with my designs tattooed.
Here's a really nice example of one of my tattoos applied to a guy's shoulder and upper arm:

shoulder maori tatttoo storm3d mixed tribal sleevehigh

On my website this design is in the "Shoulder" section, number 140.
You can click the sketch to visit the gallery

Kind regards, Mark Storm

Le Diable A Crée Le Schnaps...

"Street Fonts" / book

A new great book's just out. "Street Fonts" by MadC. Looking mad! More than 150 artists made up their individual street font alphabets. More infos here & here. Big ups to Claudia!


Tree of rain, tree of snow

Now I wonder where the tree of sun is...

Tree tattoo, rain

Tree tattoo, snow

"Backpiece" exhibition / Berlin

I have been painting, drawing, ironing and sewing for the last days together with my friends to prepare our jackets and backpieces for the upcoming travel and show in Berlin. This is gonna be mad crew representing! Make sure to come to the Party Arty arty party event at Ritter Butzke in Berlin Kreuzberg this Saturday January 15th...! We'll be around.

"Guten Tag" / Cape Town ZA

Our friends from the Gängeviertel artist squat squad A World Of Art headed to cape town for having a good time and also setting up a group show at the Woodstock Industrial Centre. Opening party will be this Friday January 14th at 7pm. Squat it!

Photos of Maori/Polynesian leg tattoo


On October the 21st I posted some pictures of a lower leg tattoo design:

lower leg tattoo band in tribal style full wrap

Yesterday I received pictures from the customer with the final tattoo.
It's really nice to see how the design turned out and fits exactly.

You can see that both sides of the tatoo design above create a really nice pattern on the back side of the leg:

lower leg band tribal tattoo design in mauri styleleg band tattoo tribal maori style designs

I'm a big fan on this kind of "band tattoos", so if you are looking for a similar band on your lower- or upper leg/arm, please feel free to contact me.

Kind regards, Mark Storm

Jolly Breakfast

Another weird mix: the Jolly Roger with bacon and egg, yay!
Jolly Roger breakfast

Polynesian eye tattoo with coconut leaves


I've been working on a new custom design project in the first week of January.
My client wanted a quarter sleeve tattoo, covering the shoulder and half the upper arm, in a Polynesian style.
I had to incorporate some different tribal elements, like the Polynesian eye, coconut leaves and sharp triangles, as a symbol for shark teeth. He also wanted a turtle shell shape added to the tatoo

In the first sketch you can see that I started in the center with the Eye, surrounded by triangular shapes, which looks a little like a sun.
Then I drew some coconut leaves below it and made it flow with the circle above it.

polynesian turtle eye coconut leaves tattoococonut leaves tattoo polynesian shoulder design

In the final sketch I made a symmetrical polynesian mask in the lower center and a repetitive border ath both sides.

After tracing it, scanning and optimizing it in Photoshop, the high resolution tattoo looks like this:

high resolution polynesian tattoos maskHope to update you soon with a few new projects, so if you want to follow me, simply hit the Twitter button on the right!

Kind regards, Mark Storm

My designs are for sale at:

Code Red!

2011 brennt so heiß trotz Schnee und Eis. Gut, dass wir hitzefest sind...

Apes X Bats

A colab canvas i made with StreetGrapes at the end of 2010. Black bats around colourful apes.

Golden Boy

Got this little fellow as a gift from a friend. Made by DMS. With this golden boy, 2011 will be the golden year, yeah!

"3.Halbzeit" - pt.II / soccer scarf

First of all: HAPPY NEW YEAR to all of you. Friends, Supporters, Fans & Haters! Damn, 2010 has past so quick... Anyway, this one gonna be a blast! Starting with... this!
After 5 years and tons of requests we finally provide you with another "3.Halbzeit" soccer/supporter/friendship scarf. Very limited to 30 copies only. Should help you survive this cold winter and any night or stadion games. Comes in no particular team colours. So you can be sure to get attention thus from any hooligan. Be quick and get yours at Limited to 30 pcs only!

Snowflakes - and happy new year! :)

Some snowflake with dots shading - how original for the season. :p
snowflake tattoo 1
snowflake tattoo 2

Oh, and happy New Year everyone! I hope you're fine and didn't make too many  of those New Year's resolutions that no one follows.
Hmm... Now that I think about it, maybe I should try a "I'll stop dotwork" resolution, actually... :)

flower in dotwork
(Same image license as above.)