Kirituhi shoulder and chest tattoo drawing


I promised to tell you something about one of my latest tattoo projects, so here it is.

Normally my main part of designs consists of shoulder pieces, but for this design a customer
asked me to do a shoulder AND chest piece in one.

It's really tricky to get it all on a flat sheet of paper, so I needed some sort of body template.
The tattoo only covered the outer side of the left arm (from shoulder to elbow) and the left pectoral muscle.
My customer used a sheet of tracing paper and simple traced the shape of his body. The total template looked like this:

shoulder chest tattoo template design

The design had to be maori style and have some nice flowing curles/koru. First I drew the outlines of the maori shapes:

maori style tattoo drawings

Then I filled the shapes with some traditional lines, triangles and other tribal design stuff.

sketch maori tatoo designs

I take pictures of the design with my Canon EOS 400D and send these photos to the customer. It's a lot quicker than scanning it, because it is on A3 size paper.
The final design is ofcourse scanned in high resolution.

Here are a few shots of the tattoo sketch in progress.

photos maori designs and sketchespictures maori kirituhi tattoos

I just received a comment from the customer, that he wants the fills a bit more intricate, instead of the traditional tattoo lines.

So I'll get back to you soon with an adjusted tattoo design.

Kind regards, Mark