Weekend links // Odds & Ends

enjoying a lazy morning with Henry - we put a huge blanket on the living room floor and got nice and cozy

Heeey weekend! I already wrote about my big plans yesterday in my Currently post, but tonight I'm getting tattooed and I'm really excited. And dreading it...but more so excited. My friend Natalie is going to come hang out too, so that makes it even better. Thank you Nat! It's kind of like a fun girl date without our kiddos, except I'll be getting continuously poked by a needle for a few hours. Luckily I'm just getting the top of my thigh tattooed so it won't be too horrible.

In other news, Henry's development is skyrocketing and he is changing every single day. He is SUCH a ham and the biggest chatterbox ever. He's basically running all over the house and getting into everything. It's pretty insane. On the shopping list for this weekend? Baby gates! I'm finishing up a Henry post so I'll talk more about all of this next week, and include some videos too.

Anyway, here are some links for you to check out. Happy weekend!
Do you want your very own personalized, monogram print? Well lucky for you the ladies over at The Wedding Chicks have made it possible with their free printable. Seriously, click on over. You can personalize it with a "loves" "and" or "+," and then of course with your initials. So cute.

Take a minute to check out Vanny's gorgeous redesign. Love it, Vanessa!

Congratulations to Mandy from Harper's Happenings for her fantastic Levis commerical! Awesome, right?! I absolutely love it. Yay, Mandy!

How to store fresh produce. Very helpful and I definitely learned a few things.

25 fonts for font snobs. I'm by no means a font snob, but I do enjoy a good font or two. This is a great list!

This would be an amazing and unique wedding gift (from one of my favorite Etsy artists).

Angela's baby shower was perfection. But really, did I expect anything else?

I loved Sara's round up of her Instagram photos

Make your own bowtie for you own little gentleman.

10 things not to say to a pregnant woman. Vanessa nailed it!

I'm pretty into this DIY rotating goals list. So simple yet so genius.

Loving Jen's "Weekly Parenting Ups & Downs."

Krista did a fun A-Z love post the day after Valentine's. 

I'm so excited to try this product out post-tattoo. Ink Butter is a new sponsor of mine and I've heard such good things about them from friends- looking forward to seeing for myself!

Little lemon souffles! YUM.

5 honest tips about growing your blog.

I just love Kristine's unique style- it may sound funny but visiting her site is such a treat!

Really enjoyed these 10 inspiring images of famous couples.

I'm such a sucker for a love story (I have one more to share later today!) and Aileen's is super sweet.

And finally, a new favorite and an old favorite.