Henry: 10 months

10months (a little late - 10 months on Sept 22)

This post is LATE! Which means the 11 month post is just around the corner, on the 22nd. In 10 days. Oops. These photos are from weeks ago but I totally forgot to share them here along with the little notes I've been taking along the way.

I also need to say how hard it is to get a decent photo of Henry laying down like this. I thought it was difficult last month, but no, this month is much worse. We probably snapped 200 photos and this was the best of them. Note to self: for our next baby take photos in a chair or other non-laying-down pose.

But back to the update- Hank and I were just talking about how fun this past month has been. Henry is changing so quickly as he approaches his first birthday, and everyday there's something new. New sounds, new movements, new ideas. It's amazing. And this month H. finally cut his first tooth- the front left. He was in a lot of pain, but we've been using the Hyland's teething tablets and I think they're helping a bit.  Henry had also gone through a very non-cuddly phase but now with the teething he is back to wanting to cuddle on the couch, be held, rocked to sleep, etc. Thank goodness!


This month Henry:

got his first tooth
started the get the hang of high-fives
little to no separation anxiety- he'll reach out for strangers to pick him up!
attended his first pep assembly at the high school
went to the pumpkin patch
visited a petting zoo
loves to scream and squeal
is making tons of sounds
loves reading and will "read" to himself - turning pages and making sounds
sleeps 12 straight hours a night
still breastfeeding - 4 feedings a day
loves playing his piano
walks easily lightly holding onto furniture
loves pushing his cars and trucks around the house
adores Madeline
won't wear a hat, but doesn't mind hoods
loves music, especially female vocals
love to "help" Daddy play guitar
is fascinated by the outdoors, especially the moon
can figure out matching toys- will put the "A" in the A slot and so on

It's amazing and equally hard to say that month our little guy turns ONE. It's insane. I'm planning his party right now and I'm really excited to get all of our friends and family together to celebrate the best year of our life. I feel lucky that Henry's birthday is in the fall, because there's already this excitement in the air and this just adds to it, tenfold.

Happy 10 months, little darling. We love you oh-so-much.


p.s. I found this photo on my computer after posting the pumpkin patch pics. How could I have missed it? So cute.