Giveaway: Funk Off! Handmade Vegan Products (CLOSED)


Thanks to all who entered! The winners are:

soap: Amy (
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spray: Amy (

(lucky day for As and Amys! :))

If you could each email me to claim your prize asap that would be great!

Arizona Best Fest
"Team Funk Off!" Aren't they cute? ;)

Hi everyone! I hope you're having a great Sunday. Tonight I'm excited to host a fun giveaway from Funk Off!- a vegan, handmade bath and body product line right out of Arizona!  My friends Chad and Michelle make everything for the line, and recently I worked with them on a project they were putting together with bloggers, and being that we live in the same town, I got the be the first to participate- so neat! I had a ton of fun making my own scent, and from there they turned it into a trio of products- a spray, a lotion and a soap...and that's what you have the chance to win today! I may be biased but I really LOVE what it smells like and I think you will too.

Here's a little bit more about the project from Funk Off themselves:

Funk Off! has teamed up with some of our most favorite bloggers on an awesome project to fill 2012 with some super special limited edition scents. Now, not everyone is privy to the blogging world, some people don’t get it and some people don’t even know what it is…but here in the world of independent online business, we find a deep sense of community in blogging. And we know that a lot of you out there in your own little parts of the world get that feeling too…which is why we’re working with some top notch personalities to bring a fresh vibe to Funk Off!...and a personal touch from some people you love. Of course we know that our sniffers work extraordinarily well, but by bringing on the help of some different noses we are able to put out combinations that we, “the crew," might not have put together on our own. We ask each individual what sorts of smells they like and come up with a scentsational (oh my, that was terrible) final scent that we all love…and we bring it to you, the universe, to love too! And that’s not even the best part…we will be donating $1 from the sale of each signature item (soap, lotion, or spray) to a charity/organization of that blogger’s choice!! We will run each scent for 2 months, at the end of which we will tally up the items sold and donate the appropriated funds, in one lump sum, to the given organization.

So if you love blogging, love these bloggers, love to support a great cause, or just love to smell fan-freaking-tastic…you’re gonna love this!

We met with Danielle of Sometimes Sweet to create her signature scent and we had a lot of fun coming up with the perfect blend for her personality and personal preferences. Her “Sometimes Sweet” scent is fully feminine and timeless, for sure. It’s a bit citrusy, a little floraly, and ever so slightly sweet…oh but, totally down to earth and mellow at the same time. It’s a perfect match!

We would recommend this scent for anyone girly, anyone who loves to smell feminine and fresh and pulled together. The notes of citrus and bursts of exotic flower petals give “Sometimes Sweet” an uplifting quality while the background hints of earthy woods and sweet musky moss leave you feeling grounded and relaxed. It’s honestly an awesome blend for any occasion and works for women of any age. And it’s so different from any of the scents we’ve made so far…we dig it!

Danielle had asked if we could donate the funds to her pal Kristin, who is an American nurse, working in India. Kristin works for an NGO that repairs cleft lips and palates free of cost, but that’s not the only awesome thing she’s doing…during her time in India, she discovered an area of the city she is staying in, near the train tracks, where so many people live without much by way of food. Kristin takes time out of her week and money out of her pocket to buy and prepare food to be delivered by her and friends (and volunteers that become friends) to the families living in these slums. She is changing one life at a time, every single day. We think this is pretty amazing which is why we, along with Danielle, are more than happy to support this project Kristin calls “Asha Guwahati."

$1 from the purchase of each Sometimes Sweet product will go to Asha Guwahati in an effort to help feed the children of India.

For more information on Kristin and her project: 

So here's how to enter to win either a Funk Off! Sometimes Sweet soap, a spray, or a lotion:

For one entry, simply leave a comment below with your name and email address.

For an addtional entry, you can tweet (see below) or blog about the giveaway, too. Just be sure to leave another comment with the tweet or post, and your name and email once again.

Giveaway time! Win one of the vegan "Sometimes Sweet" Funk Off! body products via @freshnotfunky and @danihampton!

On Wednesday I'll choose three winners and post their names here, so be sure to check back.

Good luck to all who enter!