Hello, Santa!


A year has come and gone, and my baby isn't a little tiny baby anymore. Just take a look at this photo! Tonight we went to visit Santa and Henry just loved him. We've been reading Christmas books and looking at photos of Santa Claus so I think that helped- and wouldn't you agree that our Santa is pretty great? He just looks so jolly to me, and he's super sweet too.

Growing up my parents had my sister and me take photos with Santa from our first Christmas until we finally refused to continue a few years ago. I can still remember the mortification of being 15 years old and having to sit on Santa's lap for my Mom's yearly photo. I made the biggest fuss, but in the end I always did it, because I knew how much it meant to her. Now at 29 I can look at Santa photos from when I was 1, all the way up to age 26. Impressive, right? That would make for an awesome blog post- especially seeing all of my hair and fashion choices over the years; I was an 80s child don't forget! And now that I don't actually have to be in the photos, it's so much more fun to take our little guy. I can't wait to display all of his holiday pictures just like my parents did (amidst much protesting of course)...but now I totally get why my Mom loved them so much. And the longer I'm a parent, the more and more I say things like that. I think at one point in my teen years I may have even said something along the lines of "when I'm a mom I will NEVER make my kids do this!" while stomping angrily away I'm sure.  And now take a look at me!

Merry almost-Christmas, everyone!