Sister, sister!


I feel so lucky that my sister is not just my sister...she's my best friend too! She's the one girl (besides our Mom) that has seen me through every single stage in my life. When you grow up with someone you have a special bond- they've seen everything you've seen, they've had all of the same experiences, they've been with you, side-by-side through it all. Lauren just gets me. So when she surprised me this weekend with a beautiful sister tattoo on her arm paying tribute to favorite part of our childhood, I was blown away. It was the best surprise, and the meaning behind the tattoo is so, so special to us. We already have matching sister tattoos on our thighs, and I have her name on my forearm, but this one takes the cake for my favorite tattoo of hers. It's just so pretty.

"Sisters by chance, friends by choice." Love you Lauren, Laurman, Auntie Lolo. You're the best.